You Might Have Heard About Manifestation

Good day to you!
As I was looking at some freelance writing gigs that sort of fall in line with my blogging, I saw a lot of manifestation ads.
What exactly is this? For those of you who do not know …
The first time I ever had to interact with the word was when I was a truck driver and the paperwork for the destination was called a manifest.
In the manifest was, the full listing of the contents of my trailer.
It was handed to the receiver so they would know what to find as they checked the stuff off during offloading.
This also would alert them to what was missing in the shipment.
Fast forward to today and manifest has a whole new meaning to me and maybe for you, it might be the only meaning you know about if you do not deal with shipping papers.
For instance, I saw an ad for what is called “15 Minute Manifestation” (no affiliate offerings here) just info related to my email.
Anyway, this guy proposes that once you hear these vibrations in tones and music you will unlock an editor in your mind that allows bad blocks to be removed from your mind and you will now create positive attention to what you want and will increase the chance of receiving it.
Another, maybe more familiar to some is the movie and book called “The Secret” that is extremely popular.
This is also closely related to Napoleon Hill’s book, “Think and Grow Rich.”
As for my thoughts on seeing so many posts, articles, books and films on the subject of The Law of Attraction, I realized that people are just hungry for help on finding their direction in life.
I looked in one of my schoolbooks on natural medicine and although I found plenty of physiological laws of life, the law of attraction was not one of them.
In marketing we are encouraged to focus – which I believe is part of manifesting since it requires that we position our attention 100% on our objective or goal.
There is nothing wrong with aids to help you learn how to focus  and if you are looking for that kind of thing, please research it thoroughly and pay attention to reviews of any product.
It would certainly be a disaster to pay a lot for something that is out of your league.
So, with all that being said, I enjoy reading up on stuff and this one is gaining traction daily because in essence – it offers hope.
The option of staying in the past versus creating the desired future of prosperity, love relationships or simply peaceful lives is fertile ground for hucksters to come in and mislead you.
Read up on this kind of thing before you buy. Reviews abound and from what I noticed so far is …
Very few praises for any of the methods are in the reviews but instead, there are lots of bad reviews.
Maybe that’s because the folks expected immediate results which is silly since it took a minimum of 18 years of aging for us to realize that we have messed up minds from childhood holding us back.
Even a broken washing machine can’t always be fixed overnight!
How would you expect your mind to change quickly?
If you have had any experience with any of these manifesting books or movies or seminars, please share with me.
I’d really love to hear a real life experience firsthand instead of on FaceBook or Google ads.
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Thanks, and See You again soon!
Rebecca Conaway

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