Who Will Listen if I am Not a Guru?

When you are new to the game, who thinks you are a reliable source even if the product is well-recommended and recognized as one of the best?

How will anyone listen to me.

I can have the greatest and creative landing pages but without any clout as a brand, they will follow the bigger fish.

That is the dilemma newbies face.

In the end, i guess it depends on how the training you get works out.

Implementing the training is easy enough.

Get a website, build a funnel or copy a funnel, run the ad on Facebook and then wait.

Our competition is fierce.

What really shocked me was when I learned that all the hard work I was doing, the big fish were outsourcing.

They seemed so smart but in reality were no smarter than me.

They were having someone else write those awesome badass emails and articles while getting the glory.

That costs money that I don’t have and on top of that i actually enjoy writing/typing my emails and articles.

It’s the one voice I have that is mine.

All the stuff I read is ok but it’s someone else’s stuff.

In the end, I guess I prefer my voice be heard and not any one who can write a piece for me.

It just will be missing the spice.

So, if you want to be a guru and that’s not a bad thing, you can copy them which is the advice we hear all the time.

I suppose I will copy the stuff that doesn’t cost me my identity and I will maintain control over the stuff that does … like right here.

From the heart!

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