Today I Shut Down My Facebook Page

Well, I shut down one.

When I began marketing online with a company called MOBE,

I started a Facebook profile page which I was told to use as a

base for the fan page.

Other than losing hundreds of dollars in ads on FB that never generated

one sale at all, it was a total loser.

I kept it going. I listened to all the hype.

I did ridiculous videos that were so uncomfortable … yes , I was

able to overcome that but I still disliked it so much.

It hung like a cloud over my day knowing that I had to do one.

It’s one thing to do something for fun and another entirely to do it

in the hopes that it would generate money coming in. Which it didn’t.


So today, I shut it down. I don’t know why but FB kept generating friend requests on my behalf. It began about a month ago. I haven’t seen it for about 2 weeks. today, 3 new friend acceptances showed up and I know that I didn’t make them.


Ultimately, with FB there is no recourse. No way to fix problems exist. They  can turn down anything you promote. They show it to who they choose. They can bill you and you cannot complain at all.

They control your algorithm. Nothing you post goes where you want but instead the only people who see it are FB’s choosing. So, I got so fed up.

I could not run it. I had to take crap that I didn’t want. I had to like shit I didn’t like if I wanted to get my stuff in front of people. We are like sheep. Lead where FB wants us to go.

There is no creative thinking going on. Everyone is encouraged to follow each other mindlessly and penniless trying to duplicate the success of other gurus.

You are encouraged to use the same ad or landing page until you either run out of money or until someone else gets you to follow an new one to duplicate.

I could not take it anymore. I had my up-line actually friend me so he could tell me to make my page public. He never asked why it went private suddenly. No. Follow the leader,. Spend mindlessly on ads that did nothing.

So today, I finally had enough. I am sure there are other ways to advertise and it’s up to me to find them. It may not be as broad as FB but I know that I don’t have time to sit and baby sit everything I do on FB as its suggested. I have to work.

It’s gone from being fun to check on friends and family to being nothing  but a pain in my brain wondering why no one signs up for my stuff. No one even likes a simple photo anymore because FB won’t show it to anyone because I have not checked like on every post in my timeline.  I have a job and cannot sit on FB all day checking shit.


My original page is still private and its going to stay that way. Even so, I don’t see people I used to see. Again, FB has to stick its nose in there. It’s free … free for them to rule us and people don’t see that.

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