The Only Side Effect of Hemp is … There is No Side Effect!

Hemp is The Real Deal

It turns out that hemp is very old, and it’s uses for everything

from paper to oils is just as old.

Do you think 8,000 years ago people were wearing skirts made

out of hemp fabric?

That’s how far back evidence of hemp plant use is dated.

For more details on this contact me for my source.

Why is Hemp the Enemy Today?

I find that interesting because today, hemp is almost seen as an

enemy of the people.

It does no harm when ingested as an oil and due to the extreme

care taken when harvesting it, it’s quite safe.

One of the most important things regarding hemp is the fact

that a lot of people associate it with marijuana.

It’s easy to understand because the DEA refers to all forms of

Cannabis as marijuana.

According to the National Hemp Association, in 1619 farmers were

required to grow hemp! It had so many uses!

Hemp Relieves Pain

It’s uses far exceed it’s limitations and today the use of

hemp oil for relieving pain is becoming more widely known.

After all, it benefits pets and people, whose pains are similar in

degree of incapacitating people.

When both hurt, they cannot move because it increases the pain.

A dropper full of hemp oil and within hours, relief is present and

the pet or person is now able to function with ease.

Hemp oil is delivered by the drop. A dose is about 20 drops or

a dropper full  which when released only delivers about half a dropper

because it is oil and sticks and has to drain down thus refilling

the dropper to about half.


At first, I also associated it with pot or marijuana.

I would not touch it.

When I was told we all hurt somewhere, I realized

I had been living with a neck and shoulder injury for

so long that I didn’t notice the never-ending pain.

I had become accustomed to the injury that never

would heal.

Realizing that I could not take ibuprofen or Tylenol for

my pain because the destruction they cause were not

equal to the relief I would feel made them useless.

I reconsidered my anti-hemp oil stance and I became a


Yes, It took a few hours … actually a day and a half before I really

could say that it works.

I’ve been using it for 2 months and my mobility has come

back in my neck and shoulder.


It’s up to the fda

I will not give it up and I thank God that the

FDA is reconsidering how to bring it into mainstream use.

If you or someone you know is struggling with pain and is

willing to give hemp oil a try, please share the link below with

them and stand by to be absolutely amazed.

It’s not snake oil bullcrap.

It’s like a new lease on life!


Click here or copy this address:


Make someone happy by giving them the joy of pain free living and

and new healthy balance in life!


Source: Online Masters In Public Health

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