Running Out of Time … All The Time!


Time is Important Especially When it Runs Out!

I’ve been overwhelmed with loss of time.

I tried to make a go of online affiliate marketing with MOBE.

When the FTC shut it down and screwed all the affiliates, my world was really shaken.

I wanted so badly to work from home making a living on the internet.

I love sharing my fun.

Yes, I see that every sentence starts with “I.”

Because it is me whining!

On the 15 of August, 2018 I re-entered the j-o-b market to pay my bills.

Originally my thought was to let the material goods be repossessed.

Of course, reality set in and knowing that I would pay the difference of what was owed and what they got upon selling the repos, it was not a good picture.

So, back I went to work as a Hollywood Teamster.

Now in this union of Teamsters, we are subject to random drug testing.

While I was drowning in sorrow over the loss of MOBE,  I was introduced to CBD Oil.

I am waiting for my call up to be tested.

We will see if the THC free really is THC free!

I became a believer. True fact.

I am so overwhelmingly in love with the product that my world now is all about promoting it.

This chart shows its uses.

That is only a smidgen in my opinion of what it’s good for.

Well, I am so sorry to wrap it up so soon but I have to be up at 3:15 tomorrow to go to the j-o-b.

I am grateful that I have my Union to fall back on. It’s there for me and I will always treasure it.

My heart is with the independent freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur.

My goal is that.

Be an entrepreneur.

My plan is to make my stake in the CBD oil industry and from there create real businesses that I can create wealth with.

It’s not about money, that is of course the goal but the main things are the fun I have being in the entrepreneur mode.

It’s addictive.

Only another like minded soul would understand.

Annnnnnnndddddd, here is the sell!

Go check it out. Do not delay!

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