My Review of “My Daily Choice/AlleyKat”

It was a very desperate time, I must admit.

I was searching for an income opportunity.

A lady posted in one of the many social groups about an opportunity she had found.

I happily took a look because I knew she was involved in our previous opportunity.

That meant she had credibility. That is an important factor when considering new business ventures. You want to know that it’s solid.

The former company we were with had just folded without warning and we were left … high and dry.

One thing for sure …  entrepreneurs never give up.

As soon as the news hit, we were all scrambling to find a business to put into our now empty nest.

So, a little background.

I have invested twice in online private natural medicine colleges. The first was shut down by California. They didn’t renew the license and we were left with all the books, aids, etc but no professors to help guide us.

My second one, I am still working on. I slowly finish my college courses due to trying to make a living.

Alternative medicine belief does not always include blind trust in everything. Some forms of healing or creating a way to ease pain is not always legal nor is it efficacious enough to satisfy my concerns.

Many times, I would have people tell me that pot is great. I hate pot. Still do and maybe always will.

I’ve seen many people go to stronger drugs and end up dead. My preferences do not stop me from having friends who smoke. I have no problem with it for them, I just won’t use it nor prescribe it.

Which brings me to my current state of the business.

As I looked at the opportunity my friend shared, it was an eye-opener for me. The way the compensation plan is set up looks fairly well-thought out and designed to give you the most for your efforts. And, don’t we all look for that?

I know lots of people say they want to help others and are afraid to look like greedy bums but helping others less fortunate is not free … not at all. Supplies, support, travel, consumables require lots of money to finance. And, as an entrepreneur, my first look is where is the money coming from.

I do not work for free. It may be low pay with huge benefits to offset the low income but the income potential must at least be present. I, like most folks, have bills to pay. Internet and phones are two of the most basic needs we must meet today and they are not free nor cheap.

My Daily Choice offers various products and I made a thorough search of the products after I watched the introductory video.  Here is the quandary I found myself in. One of the products is formulated out of hemp. Now, I know less about that than I do pot. I always thought they were related. For the life of me, I think hemp has another name but I cannot recall it.

What to do! What to do? I like everything I have heard but what do I do about an oil that comes from a pot related plant? I do my research is what I do. After checking out a few reviews online, I began to entertain the idea of signing up for the business. The products are not my main thing and as long as they are not illegal, I am down to do it.

Very happily I signed my money away and I chose my products – 12 products in are included in the package I selected to begin with. They offer 2 strengths of the CBD oil and five more products that contain a mere 10% CBD oil.

My Daily Choice also have 6 sprays in a package offering that are not CBD oil. Instead they are alternative health products for energy, brain function, healthy sleep, etc. So the variety to include in my package was was only Hempworx products.

One of the CBD oil products I purchased was the Renew for my face. The day it arrived, I applied it to my face after washing up for the night. It went on without a greasy feel and was quickly absorbed into my skin. I found that to be awesome since I dislike thinking how it would have gotten all over my pillow.

The next morning, I had “baby butt” smooth feeling and looking skin! For my age, I already have good skin, so I wasn’t expecting too much but I was stunned. It looked great. For two more days I monitored the skin to see if it was a fluke but no it was the real deal. I am using it every night even when I do not remove my eye make-up, I wash up and put the Renew on. My eye make-up is waterproof so it’s no big deal to wait but it gets washed anyway.

My neck has always had pain that varies with my sleep or my use of my neck like bent over on the computer for long hours can make it hurt worse. I worked at Warner Brothers in Burbank, CA and as a Teamster, I was a studio driver there. I was rear ended by a woman while out making deliveries. I was put on Workers Compensation and they told me that I had deep tissue damage and it would never fully recover. I have learned to deal with it but it’s always there.

Because I drink beer, I rarely use things like Tylenol or ibuprofen for pain. I take aspirin when it would hurt too much. Well, looking at my skin and then wondering about the CBD oil, I decided to give it a try also. I followed the directions and the first day, I really did not feel anything. I also tried the Relief cream on my mosquito and flea bites (it’s that time of year) and that worked immediately to relieve the itch.

On day two of the Hempworx 500mg CBD oil, I felt the agony of the pain subside. I could feel it, but it was not cramping my style. I could move without noticing any problems. It became less noticeable every day and not is no here at all.

Since then, I have been taking it twice a day and my neck and shoulder are as flexible and pain free as if I’d never been injured.

Well, to wrap this up … both the business opportunity and the product are so great that I am wearing folks out promoting it shamelessly.

It’s not right to keep great products and money making opportunities a secret. People need this stuff and they need money. Help them achieve both!

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See you on the other side!

Rebecca “AlleyKat” Conaway