My Excel is Overfilled!

While I may not mind being a pack-rat at home among all my memorial souvenirs and thrift store goodies…

I don’t want a lot of junk in my files online!

I realized today that I had to do something about the repeated saved and recovered files I had in Excel.

I noticed that it was quite the hassle to deal with so like most folks, I just ignored it.

Meanwhile, the list continued to grow.

Since I was concerned that I might lose a valuable nugget of information, I held on.

To what, I am not sure.

Every nugget of value is easily replaced by making another online search.

In Excel, since it is mainly numbered stuff, I tend to hold off deleting it.

And, when I finally tried every so often to delete sheets, I found it was not possible.

For me anyway.

So, I let the duplicates and and recovered files of the recovered saved files list grow and grow.

Today I reached the end of the line.

I really needed to do something. I am not computer literate and I have no idea why it has to save and recover and save so much.

I save everything when I am done so it’s beyond me why it happens, but it does.

And, actually, I am not that lazy or sloppy.

I have tried to delete files and sheets but not knowing how it works, my effort was in vain.

I usually just cleared the contents but the list name stayed put.

I would give up because by the time I wanted to wrap-up my online work , I was too tired to try deleting stuff.

So, today as I was looking at my lists, I once again saw that list cleaning was overdue.

So I Googled how to remedy the situation.

My first effort was good enough to get rid of the sheets I didn’t want in all the lists.

But, that wasn’t good enough because I could still see the lists.

Getting rid of the sheets wasn’t enough so more action was necessary.

I Googled again on how to get rid of my One Drive files.

This time I struck gold!

If I had done this one first, I would not have had to go through each list and delete each sheet which turned out to be non-productive.

Everything was still there.

The computer saves everything and for all I know, it’s all still out in the ether somewhere!

Finally, in Microsoft One Drive website, I was able to delete the files and empty them from the recycle bin.

And finally I’m rid of all those duplicate and useless files forever.

If I am wrong, please let me know.

Here is a link to see my searches in case you might need it. 

Maintenance of any kind is usually tedious but this kind is not the kind that you can outsource … unfortunately.

Right now I just had the thought that my Word files need some weeding too.

If I find that’s not easy, I will figure it out and share.

If you don’t hear from me, it means it was simple and you don’t need me if you can do it yourself too.

I wanted to share this in case anyone else had the hassles I did.

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