Courage to Start is Not a Song Title

“The miracle isn’t that I finished.
The miracle is that I had the courage to start.”

– John Bingham, No Need for Speed: A Beginner’s Guide to the Joy of Running

That quote could have been me.

Having the courage to start is HUGE!

It has a certain ring to it … Courage to Start.

People say you need balls to get anything done these days.

And, that is true and at the same times a way out of the game.

What happens if you think you don’t have the balls?


Nothing happens.
Proposals of marriage never happen, training courses disappear and cars are unnecessary.
How many people do you know who got behind the wheel of a car and never admitted how scared they were?
All of them.
It’s the unknown. Fear of the unknown.
My website, Money Time and Location started like that.
Scared and shaky nerves describes me to a T!
Doubt … the enemy of every entrepreneur!
Who is going to read it? What will I write about? Theme…what is a theme that resonates?
If some guru tells you that you do not need a website, run from that phony quick.
In order to feed your weakness and keep you tied to their strength, you will be lied to.
 I will be here to cheer you on!
To Your Succe$$,
Rebecca Conaway

A Squeeze Page is Not About Lemonade

Dear Reader,
Have you noticed yet that this kind of work has a language all its own?
Weird things like a “squeeze page” … I do not know why but it brings lemons to mind …
Must be the squeeze part.
It’s so hard not to laugh at the real meaning of “squeeze page.”
Imagine you are standing at the grocery store checking out.
And, you see an ad that encourages you to send them your information in exchange for their product sample or subscription to their magazine.
That my friend is called “squeezing your information out of you.”
It is a marketing key (or ploy) as old as time.
How else would you be able to sell to an interested party without their contact information?
Don’t you happily give your information out to the one that asks for it in exchange for something of value?
Yes, we all do almost every day.
Here is another nugget of value for you today.
Your information you happily shared with visions of vital money making abilities being granted to you.
Delay is fruitless.
Sooner or later matters not because the process is immutable. It never varies.
Money will not fall out of the sky and bless you.
It must be earned. Smartly or the hard way.
We offer you the smart way to earn money.
Our way will only work when you use it so please, get started today.
Look at it with a balanced view and see if you can resist the offer!
Reap the rewards of being squeezed and let’s begin the rest of the process …
the part where you make money!
=============> START HERE
To Your Succe$$,
Rebecca Conaway

When A/B Testing is Not About Blood

Dear Reader,
Have you come across the term A/B testing yet?
When I first saw it, I thought I was in for some scientific mumbo jumbo and avoided it.
If you are new to online marketing, it is one of those necessary steps that we tend to skip as unnecessary.
Believe it or not, we all do it at one time or another.
Take for instance this example.
You are at the pharmacy and you are looking at the same bottle of vitamins or drugs.
As you read the labels of each, you notice that they are identical in the claims they make regarding contents and dosage, etc.
What is different?
The label colors, fonts used and maybe the placement.
Now, you have to choose one … but which one?
Ultimately you pick one and leave.
That company now has your buying decision in their data base.
You unknowingly helped them decide which bottle sells better.
The contents are the same and you made a choice based on the outside.
In our world of online marketing, we also do the same kind of split testing.
You will plan and place 2 ads you designed yourself.
You will change only the headline in one and then …
you will dutifully keep track of which one people click on the most.
You will then be very smart and only put your money on the ads that sell the most!
You will become an official A/B Tester and now your skill will be in high demand.
Why? Because as simple as it seems, like all things in life …
Not everyone can do that.
How do you get there and become an official A/B Tester?
Included is the ability to learn how to advertise your business.
Not only will you have the beginning and end of the business explained but you will have the training and support to make it happen.
The next step is up to you.
To Your Succe$$,
Rebecca Conaway

Like riding a Motorcycle … Don’t Ride in The Dark


Have you ever ridden a motorcycle? It’s mainly a male sport.

But, I’ve been riding since February 1997 … daily riding for most of those years.

Until my last 3 years kept me so busy at work that I had no time to ride.

Well, you get to do a lot of thinking while riding.

I’d forgotten about that part of riding … your mind just goes!

You get to reflect about life.

So, we were riding to Tombstone, Arizona on Thursday.

Because it was a week day, the traffic was thin and there was lots of highway to cover.

We left Los Angeles about 8:30 in the morning heading south instead of east.

Because of high winds in Indio, CA where the winds blow about this time of year so viciously that, even the police don’t want to go out on the highway.

Big rigs get blown over! So we went around-about via San Diego.

The winds kick up the worst when the Coachella weekend festival happens.

In 2013, I had to have my motorcycle towed 20 miles from Palm Springs to

Beaumont … coming home from AZ Bikeweek that year.

It was that bad. The wind swirls 60-75 mph and no bikes that I could see were rolling.

Our plan on Thursday was to head toward San Diego and take the I-5 south to the 805south.

And, then the Interstate 8 to Yuma and then on to Tucson, AZ and landing in Tombstone, AZ.

We expected to arrive about 5:30 pm because there was no hurry.

Well, all hell broke loose. It sprinkled a bit but it wasn’t cold.

We entered a cloud as we climbed a mountain in the San Diego outskirts of town heading east.

It wasn’t cold, so I wasn’t worried. Pretty soon, the cloud I saw disappeared …

It disappeared because we were riding in it!

After about 3-4 miles it began to get wet … water ran into my boots. This was not in the weather forecast!

Then it became cold. Then colder. Pretty soon, I was riding blind.

I couldn’t see 50 feet ahead of me. I pulled over and switched my shaded goggles for clear goggles.

A few more miles down the road, I pulled over again to pull on some heavy gloves because

My hands were hurting so bad I couldn’t hold onto the handlebars well. My husband was just as bad off as I, but uncomplaining … what a sport he is!

Both times, risking death on the side of the highway, inside a cloud with almost zero visibility was not part of the plan!

About 20 miles or so of almost clearing up and then coming back, the weather was fickle.

I had time to wonder – why I am putting myself through this?

I love motorcycle riding. Occasionally a bad ride happens. My last was in 2013.

Like I said before, this time gave me time to think.

My line of work online as an affiliate marketer is comparable to riding a motorcycle.

Let me tell you why.

Few women rode when I got my scooter and license.


Few women did online marketing when I first discovered it in 2004.

Harleys cost a lot of money and always have when they are brand new.

Starting an online business can be expensive too.

Struggling and freezing my butt off during this ride reminded me of my business.

It was a struggle learning how to do it.

There are things to learn that you only get by experience.

Hundreds of folks buy a Harley and then let it sit in the garage until they either sell it or ride it.

Years go by before they do either.

Then, there are the ones who get on it every day, good, bad or ok weather – they ride.

In our business, some invest very little, but they work it every single day until little by little …

They begin to get results.

Some invest hundreds of dollars and get even better results.

The money earned  balances the time and learning they invested in their business.

They become the experts only because they didn’t let it sit in a closed file on their computer.

Like learning to ride a motorcycle in any weather and under any circumstances … they get it done.

It’s not overnight success.  It took me years to become a badass motorcycle rider.

The good news is that it doesn’t take years to learn online marketing when you have it all laid out for you.

I spent years of trial and error searching for a business that would lay it out, so I could follow and … understand and … would tell me the steps to take from there.

Yeah, I had to do some work.

I had to work on it all the time in the beginning but not because it was hard but because it was exciting to finally be DOING IT!

This is not a get rich quick scheme.

No one can ride a motorcycle for you and this is like that.


There is no other way until later in your business and then you can outsource it to others.

You can’t outsource motorcycle riding but-  why would you want to?

In the end, both the motorcycle and starting an online business suffer from the same types of

Neglect and Attention.

Some do it and then quit the business because they can get a job locally for cash rather than wait.

Some sell their motorcycles rather than practice because there is always a buyer for a used bike.

Which one will you be?

Only you know, and I will be here for you when you take action.

So, instead of arriving in Tombstone about 5:30 pm, we got into our room about 9 pm.

We rode in the dark for the last 75 miles.

You do not have to ride in the dark to make it as an online marketing entrepreneur.

Get started NOW!    CLICK HERE

To Your Succe$$,

Rebecca Conaway

It’s Not Always About Money

I am sure you noticed…

That it’s not always about money.

Sometimes you find a gem that will help those who trust you

to lead and guide them on the way as they follow you.

While looking for a way to improve my writing skills I found a blog/website called The Copywriter’s Roundtable.

They gave me a free report and permission to share it with my lists.

My Email Followers

These folks are faithful followers of my emails.

Content for their websites or emails they send to their lists is critical to their success.

These folks have paid for the 21 Step Systems that I promote in various presentations.

Each one is unique and based upon the testimonial of a successful consultant.

They are proven entrepreneurs.

I present them to my list as successes to which they can

attempt to emulate in writing their own content.

An ideal to copy is a great thing if it brings you the same success.

To encourage their success give me great joy and I want to share this with them and you who are reading this.

After all, we need all the help we can find getting our writing voice heard!

For my readers, here is the link to the resource …


CLICK HERE ====>>>>>  

Facebook Changing?

How often do we hear about Mark Zuckerberg speaking to before Congress? Never. Rarely. Almost never rarely …


My big concern is how this will affect internet marketers, especially newbies.


Not everyone is going to be hit with hard times but definitely everyone will feel some pains.


Unfortunately, when the easiest and fastest way to market is all you have … you suffer the most when times bring changes.


Recall what happened when Google changed the playing field.  Leveled it is what I  hear. I wasn’t around.


Keep doing what you are doing.


Make videos. Post your posts. Float your ads.


Remember that no matter what happens, email is still KING!




Looking Far and Wide For The Latest Trends in Affiliate Marketing



You should always be on the lookout for trends in our industry.



They are the lifeblood of your marketing goals … or should be.


Keep it real! Branding and offering real value still rank high as ever on Google.


Tentacles are reaching out to countries in Asia as new markets open up.


Commerce never sleeps and the passive income from ecommerce and lead generation will grow and grow!


In our industry, high ticket affiliate marketing is what you should push as much as you can.


Utilize all the mediums of commerce that you can find free or pay for.


The absolute best way to learn how to win at affiliate marketing and grow your business is by finding one that has proven its worth.


To help you get beyond the startup fears which many shake in their sneakers about …


Here is a link to my awesome system to help things along.