Never Give Up

This little guy is the perfect example of how a marketer lives.

Protected, able and focused.

See how he has his eye on the cheese.

That trap can snap his neck in a less than a second.

He is ready with a helmet!

Prepared is what he is … for any thing that may go wrong.

His paws are posted to launch!

That shows he has a plan in mind.

Are you like this guy?

Protected, prepared and poised?

It’s a jungle, yeah I know its trite but its the only way

to describe the feeling we have dealing with the new

speed of the world of business.

We need to be prepared daily for the onslaught of

trials that we will definitely be surrounded by.

Daily and or weekly, we face changes in our media popularity,

in our offline methods and in the flakiness of our audience.

Here today – gone tomorrow never carried so much weight as it does today.

It’s your job to be like that mouse trying to move the cheese from the trap to

his domain.

You can certainly do that by going after sales and marketing in the next billion dollar boom to hit the world.

I am talking about the CBD oil business.


Not marijuana.

There is a world of wealth waiting for the man or woman who is

on fire and willing to go in and slay the competition.

How do you get started?

Contact me for details.

The very least I can do is help you get started.

It’s up to you to grab your cheese!

Listen Listen Listen

Every day I listen.

I listen to Dan Kennedy.

I listen to those You Tube gurus.

They teach how to market.

They teach how to sell.

They teach me how to wait for the cost.

I get introduced so many things one piece at a time.

Then I am asked to fill out forms for more of my information.

My guess is that they figure it makes people feel important, right?

Not me.

It’s irritating.

I am in a hurry all the time.

If I need to give my name, address and phone number …

a n d then fill out a questionnaire, it’s over.

Get the goods done asap and if I don’t like that way, dragging it out will not make it happen either.

Running Out of Time … All The Time!


Time is Important Especially When it Runs Out!

I’ve been overwhelmed with loss of time.

I tried to make a go of online affiliate marketing with MOBE.

When the FTC shut it down and screwed all the affiliates, my world was really shaken.

I wanted so badly to work from home making a living on the internet.

I love sharing my fun.

Yes, I see that every sentence starts with “I.”

Because it is me whining!

On the 15 of August, 2018 I re-entered the j-o-b market to pay my bills.

Originally my thought was to let the material goods be repossessed.

Of course, reality set in and knowing that I would pay the difference of what was owed and what they got upon selling the repos, it was not a good picture.

So, back I went to work as a Hollywood Teamster.

Now in this union of Teamsters, we are subject to random drug testing.

While I was drowning in sorrow over the loss of MOBE,  I was introduced to CBD Oil.

I am waiting for my call up to be tested.

We will see if the THC free really is THC free!

I became a believer. True fact.

I am so overwhelmingly in love with the product that my world now is all about promoting it.

This chart shows its uses.

That is only a smidgen in my opinion of what it’s good for.

Well, I am so sorry to wrap it up so soon but I have to be up at 3:15 tomorrow to go to the j-o-b.

I am grateful that I have my Union to fall back on. It’s there for me and I will always treasure it.

My heart is with the independent freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur.

My goal is that.

Be an entrepreneur.

My plan is to make my stake in the CBD oil industry and from there create real businesses that I can create wealth with.

It’s not about money, that is of course the goal but the main things are the fun I have being in the entrepreneur mode.

It’s addictive.

Only another like minded soul would understand.

Annnnnnnndddddd, here is the sell!

Go check it out. Do not delay!

Today I Shut Down My Facebook Page

Well, I shut down one.

When I began marketing online with a company called MOBE,

I started a Facebook profile page which I was told to use as a

base for the fan page.

Other than losing hundreds of dollars in ads on FB that never generated

one sale at all, it was a total loser.

I kept it going. I listened to all the hype.

I did ridiculous videos that were so uncomfortable … yes , I was

able to overcome that but I still disliked it so much.

It hung like a cloud over my day knowing that I had to do one.

It’s one thing to do something for fun and another entirely to do it

in the hopes that it would generate money coming in. Which it didn’t.


So today, I shut it down. I don’t know why but FB kept generating friend requests on my behalf. It began about a month ago. I haven’t seen it for about 2 weeks. today, 3 new friend acceptances showed up and I know that I didn’t make them.


Ultimately, with FB there is no recourse. No way to fix problems exist. They  can turn down anything you promote. They show it to who they choose. They can bill you and you cannot complain at all.

They control your algorithm. Nothing you post goes where you want but instead the only people who see it are FB’s choosing. So, I got so fed up.

I could not run it. I had to take crap that I didn’t want. I had to like shit I didn’t like if I wanted to get my stuff in front of people. We are like sheep. Lead where FB wants us to go.

There is no creative thinking going on. Everyone is encouraged to follow each other mindlessly and penniless trying to duplicate the success of other gurus.

You are encouraged to use the same ad or landing page until you either run out of money or until someone else gets you to follow an new one to duplicate.

I could not take it anymore. I had my up-line actually friend me so he could tell me to make my page public. He never asked why it went private suddenly. No. Follow the leader,. Spend mindlessly on ads that did nothing.

So today, I finally had enough. I am sure there are other ways to advertise and it’s up to me to find them. It may not be as broad as FB but I know that I don’t have time to sit and baby sit everything I do on FB as its suggested. I have to work.

It’s gone from being fun to check on friends and family to being nothing  but a pain in my brain wondering why no one signs up for my stuff. No one even likes a simple photo anymore because FB won’t show it to anyone because I have not checked like on every post in my timeline.  I have a job and cannot sit on FB all day checking shit.


My original page is still private and its going to stay that way. Even so, I don’t see people I used to see. Again, FB has to stick its nose in there. It’s free … free for them to rule us and people don’t see that.

The Only Side Effect of Hemp is … There is No Side Effect!

Hemp is The Real Deal

It turns out that hemp is very old, and it’s uses for everything

from paper to oils is just as old.

Do you think 8,000 years ago people were wearing skirts made

out of hemp fabric?

That’s how far back evidence of hemp plant use is dated.

For more details on this contact me for my source.

Why is Hemp the Enemy Today?

I find that interesting because today, hemp is almost seen as an

enemy of the people.

It does no harm when ingested as an oil and due to the extreme

care taken when harvesting it, it’s quite safe.

One of the most important things regarding hemp is the fact

that a lot of people associate it with marijuana.

It’s easy to understand because the DEA refers to all forms of

Cannabis as marijuana.

According to the National Hemp Association, in 1619 farmers were

required to grow hemp! It had so many uses!

Hemp Relieves Pain

It’s uses far exceed it’s limitations and today the use of

hemp oil for relieving pain is becoming more widely known.

After all, it benefits pets and people, whose pains are similar in

degree of incapacitating people.

When both hurt, they cannot move because it increases the pain.

A dropper full of hemp oil and within hours, relief is present and

the pet or person is now able to function with ease.

Hemp oil is delivered by the drop. A dose is about 20 drops or

a dropper full  which when released only delivers about half a dropper

because it is oil and sticks and has to drain down thus refilling

the dropper to about half.


At first, I also associated it with pot or marijuana.

I would not touch it.

When I was told we all hurt somewhere, I realized

I had been living with a neck and shoulder injury for

so long that I didn’t notice the never-ending pain.

I had become accustomed to the injury that never

would heal.

Realizing that I could not take ibuprofen or Tylenol for

my pain because the destruction they cause were not

equal to the relief I would feel made them useless.

I reconsidered my anti-hemp oil stance and I became a


Yes, It took a few hours … actually a day and a half before I really

could say that it works.

I’ve been using it for 2 months and my mobility has come

back in my neck and shoulder.


It’s up to the fda

I will not give it up and I thank God that the

FDA is reconsidering how to bring it into mainstream use.

If you or someone you know is struggling with pain and is

willing to give hemp oil a try, please share the link below with

them and stand by to be absolutely amazed.

It’s not snake oil bullcrap.

It’s like a new lease on life!


Click here or copy this address:


Make someone happy by giving them the joy of pain free living and

and new healthy balance in life!


Source: Online Masters In Public Health

Shameless Promotion!
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You Might Have Heard About Manifestation

Good day to you!
As I was looking at some freelance writing gigs that sort of fall in line with my blogging, I saw a lot of manifestation ads.
What exactly is this? For those of you who do not know …
The first time I ever had to interact with the word was when I was a truck driver and the paperwork for the destination was called a manifest.
In the manifest was, the full listing of the contents of my trailer.
It was handed to the receiver so they would know what to find as they checked the stuff off during offloading.
This also would alert them to what was missing in the shipment.
Fast forward to today and manifest has a whole new meaning to me and maybe for you, it might be the only meaning you know about if you do not deal with shipping papers.
For instance, I saw an ad for what is called “15 Minute Manifestation” (no affiliate offerings here) just info related to my email.
Anyway, this guy proposes that once you hear these vibrations in tones and music you will unlock an editor in your mind that allows bad blocks to be removed from your mind and you will now create positive attention to what you want and will increase the chance of receiving it.
Another, maybe more familiar to some is the movie and book called “The Secret” that is extremely popular.
This is also closely related to Napoleon Hill’s book, “Think and Grow Rich.”
As for my thoughts on seeing so many posts, articles, books and films on the subject of The Law of Attraction, I realized that people are just hungry for help on finding their direction in life.
I looked in one of my schoolbooks on natural medicine and although I found plenty of physiological laws of life, the law of attraction was not one of them.
In marketing we are encouraged to focus – which I believe is part of manifesting since it requires that we position our attention 100% on our objective or goal.
There is nothing wrong with aids to help you learn how to focus  and if you are looking for that kind of thing, please research it thoroughly and pay attention to reviews of any product.
It would certainly be a disaster to pay a lot for something that is out of your league.
So, with all that being said, I enjoy reading up on stuff and this one is gaining traction daily because in essence – it offers hope.
The option of staying in the past versus creating the desired future of prosperity, love relationships or simply peaceful lives is fertile ground for hucksters to come in and mislead you.
Read up on this kind of thing before you buy. Reviews abound and from what I noticed so far is …
Very few praises for any of the methods are in the reviews but instead, there are lots of bad reviews.
Maybe that’s because the folks expected immediate results which is silly since it took a minimum of 18 years of aging for us to realize that we have messed up minds from childhood holding us back.
Even a broken washing machine can’t always be fixed overnight!
How would you expect your mind to change quickly?
If you have had any experience with any of these manifesting books or movies or seminars, please share with me.
I’d really love to hear a real life experience firsthand instead of on FaceBook or Google ads.
By the way … need a website? ===>> CLICK HERE
Thanks, and See You again soon!
Rebecca Conaway

The Day The Joy Collapsed

As The Weekend Ended Well

It was a very nice and cool morning in New Jersey. Wildwood to be exact.

We had gone to an event titled, The Race of Gentlemen.

I had planned to attend this event for a long time. Actually, back in October 2017 when I first heard of it, I’d begun to make plans in my heart.

We were having such a fantastic time and now as we were loading up our Enterprise Rental car, I saw the unthinkable had occurred.

While warming up the engine, (needlessly) but fun to do, I scanned FB quickly before I headed to Google Maps to get directions to Philadelphia International Airport from Wildwood, NJ.

My heart caught in my throat as I read the message that our affiliate organization was decimated by the FTC decision to shut down our business that we were affiliates for..

It was utterly senseless to us. We had been given so much more than we could ever use. What could have gone wrong?

The news left my brain spinning all the way home.

I had no idea what the news was about since I had to wait.  The airports had no viable service for me to use. As usual, the free internet was useless.

Our trip home was delayed by 5 incredibly long hours. To say American Airlines is crappy is a mild understatement. En route to NJ, we had already experienced a 2 hour delay in taking off 4 days prior.

Imagine the frustration of being stranded in an airport for 5 hours with nothing but time. We ate, we sat, we ate again.

I tried to catch up on sleep but my mind kept going to the insanity that awaited me.

Knowing that online marketing has its troubles, it was incredible to me that a company with such a long history and no troubles should suddenly be closed down.

We had not experienced much trouble other than the normal learning pains one goes through when entering a partnership with unknown experiences to be had.

Upon arrival at home, the news was still pretty vague since it was the weekend and all was expected to be set aright by Monday.

Or so we all thought.

The Week Began Miserably

Our joy collapsed into the ether!

It was true and firmly entrenched in our findings that the business had been shut down completely.

All assets were frozen and nothing could be learned immediately other than gossip and speculation – which was hard to handle.

We wanted to learn more but were subjected to misery and complaining and whining by everyone … we too felt the pain.

Shock would  best describe our reaction.

And, not until two days later, did it settle into mind-numbing realization that our world had forever changed.

You Tube videos, testimonials, links to this and that government agency and everyone putting in their two cents, including mine, were the toast of the day.

Everyone who had need, began to scramble to find another product or products to market.

Vultures came out of the internet void with offers to scoop us up and join us to their ventures.

My first caller was certainly dismayed to hear me say that I had all that I would ever need or want from the price I had already paid once.

There was nothing they could offer that would top the training and bonuses and myriad tips and tricks and done for you offers that I could not ever use up.

I would never consider paying for another inferior copy of what I already possessed. You see, I learned EVERYTHING I NEEDED TO KNOW from my association with the now defunct entity.

It was the best of the best and that made the shutoff even more disgusting and ugly since it affected so many more than had or would ever file complaints.

Right now, as more learn of the tear-down, they are complaining over the injustice done and clamoring to find a way to petition the FTC to restore it back to us.

It’s more than the money. It’s the bond we have to it’s founder. He earned our trust. He is honest. He was thorough – if only people would read what they sign, there would be no trouble.

When one markets the products of another in exchange for payola, there is no more fun thing to do.

Both parties are happy and both get what they bargained for, in some cases, they reap more from their efforts.

Now, we affiliate marketers are in a mad scramble to salvage our incomes and our good name.

Speaking for me, I am proud of where I began and I will wait and see how this turns out.

Should the founder be found at fault, I will be sorely unhappy and yet I will sign up and work with him again because I found so much value in his training and offers.

It’s a shame that the FTC only listens to those who complain and not those who “get it” in the struggle.





Who Will Listen if I am Not a Guru?

When you are new to the game, who thinks you are a reliable source even if the product is well-recommended and recognized as one of the best?

How will anyone listen to me.

I can have the greatest and creative landing pages but without any clout as a brand, they will follow the bigger fish.

That is the dilemma newbies face.

In the end, i guess it depends on how the training you get works out.

Implementing the training is easy enough.

Get a website, build a funnel or copy a funnel, run the ad on Facebook and then wait.

Our competition is fierce.

What really shocked me was when I learned that all the hard work I was doing, the big fish were outsourcing.

They seemed so smart but in reality were no smarter than me.

They were having someone else write those awesome badass emails and articles while getting the glory.

That costs money that I don’t have and on top of that i actually enjoy writing/typing my emails and articles.

It’s the one voice I have that is mine.

All the stuff I read is ok but it’s someone else’s stuff.

In the end, I guess I prefer my voice be heard and not any one who can write a piece for me.

It just will be missing the spice.

So, if you want to be a guru and that’s not a bad thing, you can copy them which is the advice we hear all the time.

I suppose I will copy the stuff that doesn’t cost me my identity and I will maintain control over the stuff that does … like right here.

From the heart!

My Excel is Overfilled!

While I may not mind being a pack-rat at home among all my memorial souvenirs and thrift store goodies…

I don’t want a lot of junk in my files online!

I realized today that I had to do something about the repeated saved and recovered files I had in Excel.

I noticed that it was quite the hassle to deal with so like most folks, I just ignored it.

Meanwhile, the list continued to grow.

Since I was concerned that I might lose a valuable nugget of information, I held on.

To what, I am not sure.

Every nugget of value is easily replaced by making another online search.

In Excel, since it is mainly numbered stuff, I tend to hold off deleting it.

And, when I finally tried every so often to delete sheets, I found it was not possible.

For me anyway.

So, I let the duplicates and and recovered files of the recovered saved files list grow and grow.

Today I reached the end of the line.

I really needed to do something. I am not computer literate and I have no idea why it has to save and recover and save so much.

I save everything when I am done so it’s beyond me why it happens, but it does.

And, actually, I am not that lazy or sloppy.

I have tried to delete files and sheets but not knowing how it works, my effort was in vain.

I usually just cleared the contents but the list name stayed put.

I would give up because by the time I wanted to wrap-up my online work , I was too tired to try deleting stuff.

So, today as I was looking at my lists, I once again saw that list cleaning was overdue.

So I Googled how to remedy the situation.

My first effort was good enough to get rid of the sheets I didn’t want in all the lists.

But, that wasn’t good enough because I could still see the lists.

Getting rid of the sheets wasn’t enough so more action was necessary.

I Googled again on how to get rid of my One Drive files.

This time I struck gold!

If I had done this one first, I would not have had to go through each list and delete each sheet which turned out to be non-productive.

Everything was still there.

The computer saves everything and for all I know, it’s all still out in the ether somewhere!

Finally, in Microsoft One Drive website, I was able to delete the files and empty them from the recycle bin.

And finally I’m rid of all those duplicate and useless files forever.

If I am wrong, please let me know.

Here is a link to see my searches in case you might need it. 

Maintenance of any kind is usually tedious but this kind is not the kind that you can outsource … unfortunately.

Right now I just had the thought that my Word files need some weeding too.

If I find that’s not easy, I will figure it out and share.

If you don’t hear from me, it means it was simple and you don’t need me if you can do it yourself too.

I wanted to share this in case anyone else had the hassles I did.