The Day The Joy Collapsed

As The Weekend Ended Well

It was a very nice and cool morning in New Jersey. Wildwood to be exact.

We had gone to an event titled, The Race of Gentlemen.

I had planned to attend this event for a long time. Actually, back in October 2017 when I first heard of it, I’d begun to make plans in my heart.

We were having such a fantastic time and now as we were loading up our Enterprise Rental car, I saw the unthinkable had occurred.

While warming up the engine, (needlessly) but fun to do, I scanned FB quickly before I headed to Google Maps to get directions to Philadelphia International Airport from Wildwood, NJ.

My heart caught in my throat as I read the message that our affiliate organization was decimated by the FTC decision to shut down our business that we were affiliates for..

It was utterly senseless to us. We had been given so much more than we could ever use. What could have gone wrong?

The news left my brain spinning all the way home.

I had no idea what the news was about since I had to wait.  The airports had no viable service for me to use. As usual, the free internet was useless.

Our trip home was delayed by 5 incredibly long hours. To say American Airlines is crappy is a mild understatement. En route to NJ, we had already experienced a 2 hour delay in taking off 4 days prior.

Imagine the frustration of being stranded in an airport for 5 hours with nothing but time. We ate, we sat, we ate again.

I tried to catch up on sleep but my mind kept going to the insanity that awaited me.

Knowing that online marketing has its troubles, it was incredible to me that a company with such a long history and no troubles should suddenly be closed down.

We had not experienced much trouble other than the normal learning pains one goes through when entering a partnership with unknown experiences to be had.

Upon arrival at home, the news was still pretty vague since it was the weekend and all was expected to be set aright by Monday.

Or so we all thought.

The Week Began Miserably

Our joy collapsed into the ether!

It was true and firmly entrenched in our findings that the business had been shut down completely.

All assets were frozen and nothing could be learned immediately other than gossip and speculation – which was hard to handle.

We wanted to learn more but were subjected to misery and complaining and whining by everyone … we too felt the pain.

Shock would  best describe our reaction.

And, not until two days later, did it settle into mind-numbing realization that our world had forever changed.

You Tube videos, testimonials, links to this and that government agency and everyone putting in their two cents, including mine, were the toast of the day.

Everyone who had need, began to scramble to find another product or products to market.

Vultures came out of the internet void with offers to scoop us up and join us to their ventures.

My first caller was certainly dismayed to hear me say that I had all that I would ever need or want from the price I had already paid once.

There was nothing they could offer that would top the training and bonuses and myriad tips and tricks and done for you offers that I could not ever use up.

I would never consider paying for another inferior copy of what I already possessed. You see, I learned EVERYTHING I NEEDED TO KNOW from my association with the now defunct entity.

It was the best of the best and that made the shutoff even more disgusting and ugly since it affected so many more than had or would ever file complaints.

Right now, as more learn of the tear-down, they are complaining over the injustice done and clamoring to find a way to petition the FTC to restore it back to us.

It’s more than the money. It’s the bond we have to it’s founder. He earned our trust. He is honest. He was thorough – if only people would read what they sign, there would be no trouble.

When one markets the products of another in exchange for payola, there is no more fun thing to do.

Both parties are happy and both get what they bargained for, in some cases, they reap more from their efforts.

Now, we affiliate marketers are in a mad scramble to salvage our incomes and our good name.

Speaking for me, I am proud of where I began and I will wait and see how this turns out.

Should the founder be found at fault, I will be sorely unhappy and yet I will sign up and work with him again because I found so much value in his training and offers.

It’s a shame that the FTC only listens to those who complain and not those who “get it” in the struggle.





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